About Andy

A self-taught naturalist obsessed by whales, dolphins, porpoises and the habitats that they reside in, as well as the plethora of all life on earth.


As a leading Marine Mammal Citizen Scientist I am available to share my experiences and extensive knowledge to enhance and support organisations looking to research, educate, survey and develop their sphere of knowledge in a marine environment and surroundings.

A few examples of the type of support or leadership roles that I would bring a positive contribution to are highlighted below:

Marine Wildlife Surveyor and Conservationist

Experienced in training, leading and undertaking marine mammal and seabird surveys on ferries, cruise liners, cargo ships and research vessels. Extensive experience in citizen science programs.

Naturalist and Wildlife Guide

Working with the general public to showcase the wonders of the natural world whilst also encouraging its protection and conservation.

Public Speaking

An opportunity to inspire and educate. There is always something new to learn or interesting facts to share about our natural history.

Writer and Blogger

Available for regular column contributions, feature articles, reviews or adhoc pieces. I write about a diverse range of subjects.

Marine Educator

Working as an ambassador for the oceans and raising awareness of the crucial role that the marine world plays in our global ecological system.

Media Appearances

Sharing my specialist knowledge and experiences in ways that resonate with the listener via TV, radio, digital and live events.

Special Events

Need someone to bring with them knowledge and enthusiasm? I can support your event in many diverse ways.

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