Back from the Brink – Can the Vanquita be Saved? – MF

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Show Some Love for the Humble Harbour Porpoise

My weary eyes strain from the search as they scan the blue-green shimmer of the surface for any sign of life. Life that has more place below the waves than above. I raise my binoculars from my chest to my eyes and peer towards the horizon, the edge of my world, seeking that glint of sunlight off the dark back of a mammal at the surface or the tell-tale snow white willow-the-wisp splash from a distant dolphin. Nothing. No feeding seabirds, no sharks basking, not even the distant silhouette of a passing freighter. Empty. As if we were thousands of miles offshore in the middle of one of the vast ocean voids.

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A naturalist and wildlife guide intrigued by the complex interactions that social, political and historical narratives have with the natural sciences. His global travels take him to a range of habitats but he is never more centered than when bobbing around on the oceans searching for whales and seabirds.